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[award-winning] sweet potato pizza

Sweet potatoes and I have just recently begun to be friends. Growing up in Idaho, I was very familiar with potatoes – but not sweet potatoes. My grandma began to introduce sweet potato casserole into our Thanksgiving spread, and I’ve (albeit slowly) started warming up to the idea of adding it to the list of

01 Dec 2015
Photo of Roasted Jalapeño Soup

roasted jalapeño soup

Yes, fall is upon us. And yes, I am predictable when it comes to fall. The temperature drops below 75 degrees and all of a sudden I’m nonchalantly strolling around in boots and scarves, looking for all things pumpkin flavored, and, of course, experimenting with new soup recipes. I wanted to try something with a

17 Oct 2015

Cinco de Mayo Roundup

I always thought Cinco de Mayo was a made up holiday that Americans used as an excuse to overload on chips & queso. Turns out, it’s just a misunderstood holiday. Cinco De Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence Day (which, amigos, is September 16) – but the day that Mexican citizens (particularly those in Puebla) commemorate

05 May 2015

korean beef bulgogi

With the recent food truck craze, my co-workers and I have been getting to experience all kinds of culinary delights. Some of them are good, some of them are not – and you would be surprised that (much like Mexican restaurants) the “sketchiness” of the food truck does not correspond directly to its deliciousness. Some

18 Mar 2015

sweet & sour meatballs

Growing up, both of my grandmothers were AMAZING cooks. Several foods were ruined for me – I can’t even enjoy most varieties of potato salad or pumpkin bread. Well, this recipe is one of those that ruined me for all other recipes – Grandma B’s delicious sweet-and-sour meatballs. I was worried that perhaps I had

06 Mar 2015

thai panang curry

One of my very, very favorite things to eat is Thai food. I have to admit that I’m kind of picky, and have had one-too-many incidents where I’m excited about a new Thai restaurant, only to be brought a watered-down version of what I had hoped would be a delicious curry. These hard life experiences,

20 Dec 2014
sausage & corn chowder

sausage & corn chowder

Cold weather is well upon us, and not being used to East-Coast cold, I am trying to find every which way to warm myself up – wool socks, warm scarves, hot chocolate – but I’ve found that nothing quite warms me up like a delicious, warm, chunky soup. I kind of hashed this recipe together on

06 Dec 2014

banana brownies

We’ve all been there. We have high ambitions of eating the full bunch of bananas before they turn mushy, but it just doesn’t happen. Sometimes there’s one banana left. Sometimes there’s more. And, being the responsible-minded citizens we are, we just can’t bear the thought of actually wasting any of these precious bananas. The normal solution is

17 Aug 2014

salsa verde

Every type of salsa is important: green salsa, red salsa, salsa dancing… but it’s difficult when you don’t have a legit Mexican restaurant close by to provide your fix (the West Coast spoiled me for too many years). Luckily, one of my other favorite food bloggers, Homesick Texan, is in a similar situation & helped me

09 Jul 2014

[not your momma’s] sloppy joes

I have to start this post with a disclaimer. My mom’s sloppy joes are really, really good. In fact, the  foundation of this recipe (brown sugar + ketchup) is what she always used. It was just such a catchy title… (sorry, Mom). That being said, I have had some seriously gross sloppy joes. To this

23 Jun 2014
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