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oven fries

FYI, these aren’t your average baked french fries. I found this delicious recipe in college when I was looking for an easy way to replace those mediocre bags of frozen french fries you get at the grocery store. I know it’s going to take some faith to step outside the frozen french fry comfort zone,

17 Jun 2014

maple mustard [life-changing, mind-blowing, man-pleasing] chicken

This post has been a long time coming. I tried this recipe a while ago, drawn in by the title of the recipe, “Man-Pleasing Chicken.” Turns out this chicken is not only man-pleasing; it is man-, woman-, and child-pleasing (I would hate to be exclusive). It’s actually hard to give this recipe a proper title, but

16 Jun 2014

curry orzo & chicken salad pitas

I get the privilege of hanging out with one of my very best friends, Carly, for the next 5 weeks. One of the perks is that she is an amazing cook – and I have been reaping the benefits. The other day she made us some chicken salad pitas that were TO DIE FOR. The

06 Jun 2014

perfect popcorn

Popcorn is literally (and I mean literally) one of my favorite foods in the whole world. I’m one of those people who takes the popcorn bag home from the theater rather than waste a single precious piece of popcorn. I’ve always really loved homemade popcorn as well, but it usually required some kind of bulky,

29 May 2014


This recipe is simply a no brainer. Easy [check]. Scrumptious [check]. Aesthetically pleasing [check]. Foolproof [check]. If you’re looking for an easy way to impress your dinner party guests, handsome next-door neighbor, or your visiting-from-out-of-town relatives, look no further. 5 from 1 reviews carmelitas   Save Print Cook time 30 mins Total time 30 mins

26 May 2014

salted caramel cupcakes

 Okay, so I know salted caramel is super trendy right now – and with good reason. I know for me, personally, I just can’t get enough of it. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like things too sweet (I know I’m mostly alone in this) – so I like to find the combination of

13 May 2014

deviled eggs: three ways

 One of my favorite Easter-time foods has always been deviled eggs – my grandma’s recipe, of course. (It’s normal to eat 10-15 in one sitting, right?) However, with the help of Pinterest, other peoples’ creative ideas, and binging on Chopped episodes, I have discovered a whole new world of deviled eggs. Apparently, deviled eggs can

17 Apr 2014
Photo of hard boiled eggs

perfect hard-boiled eggs [the EASY way]

 I’ve searched the Internet so many times for a simple way to get perfect hard-boiled eggs. I’ve read a lot of articles that included several complicated steps and dishes, and I thought, “Surely, there’s a better way.” I’m not going to lie, I never attempted any of the complicated methods. My grandma taught me how

17 Apr 2014

whole grain peach-banana muffins

It’s about time this special ingredient debuted on my blog. That’s right. It’s banana time. This post is dedicated to my blog’s title, as well as my lifelong obligatory nickname. After all, bananas are the fruit of life. (That statement may or may not be true, but it sounds cool.) 5 from 1 reviews whole grain

12 Apr 2014

[dq copycat] ice cream cake

I’ve never been a fan of the out-of-the-box-mix cake with the store-bought frosting. When I was little and my mom would ask me what kind of cake I wanted for my birthday, I would always want an ice cream cake. And the best was when she would get me my very own custom-designed cake from

11 Apr 2014
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